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Resources for bankers

Bank Management

The OCC provides information and resources to help bank management understand and fulfill their responsibilities. Resources range from bank directors workshops held throughout the country to publications that address strategic issues, risk management, and compliance.

Educational Opportunities

Learn more about educational opportunities for bankers.

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Management and Director Resources 

Comptroller's Handbook

  • Insider Activities (PDF)
    Provides guidance to legally and prudently engage in transactions with insiders and implement risk management processes to control and monitor insider activities.

Other Publications

Related News and Issuances
Publish DateIdentifierTitle
12/28/2018  OCC 2018-49, Comptroller’s Handbook: Updated Booklets and Rescissions
12/27/2018  OCC 2018-47, Recovery Planning Guidelines: Final Revised Guidelines
12/20/2018  NR 2018-138, Agencies Propose to Update Management Interlock Rules