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Public Comments on Applications

Certain financial institution applications and notices require public notice pursuant to a specific law, regulation, or OCC policy, allowing the public an opportunity to comment on the proposed transaction.

Public comments may include:

  • Support or opposition to a filing;
  • Request to extend the comment period, or to convene a meeting or public hearing;
  • Recommendation that the OCC grant approval only if the OCC imposes certain conditions.

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Comment Submissions

Comment Submissions on Business Combination or Merger Applications

  • Applications for business combinations, mergers, or purchase and assumptions, that require public notice and where the applicant or resulting bank is an OCC regulated institution, are made publicly available in the OCC’s online FOIA Reading Room.
  • In general, the OCC will publish each comment without change, including any business or personal information, name and address, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Comments received, including attachments and other supporting material, are part of the public record and subject to public disclosure.
  • Do not enclose any information in a comment or supporting material that is confidential or inappropriate for public disclosure.
  • Applications that receive public comments expressing CRA, fair lending, or consumer compliance concerns, can be viewed on the Business Combination or Merger Applications Comments page.